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I saw the show on Wednesday, I had to wait a few days because my whole review would have been capslock and incoherent thoughts, so now that I’ve calmed down, here’s my review!!

So, Varekai.  I have to say it was waaaaaay more amazing live than I anticipated it would be.  No amount of watching my DVD could prepare me for this.  I’ve written about it before, but Varekai was the first Cirque du Soleil show I ever saw.  They were showing it on TV back when Bravo was still a performing arts channel, and it was the show that started my love for Cirque du Soleil and also made me say “I would love to do this someday.”  Seeing this show live meant a lot to me, so I was going to love it no matter what.

I took my boyfriend with me who had no previous experience with Cirque du Soleil before this show.  He watched Fire Within with me when they put it up on Hulu, so he was super pumped to see what the show looked like.  Part of the fun for me was looking over and seeing some of the looks of awe on his face while watching the show.  One of the clown was even all up in his business for a minute (he’s bald, so he’s an easy target :P).

Also, I shelled out the extra money for front row seats, and it was SO WORTH IT.  I wasn’t so close to the stage where I had to strain to see the aerial performances, and there was a lot of up close and personal moments with some of the characters.  I can still remember the way the breeze felt as The Guide ran past me with Icarus’s wings on.  I also had a few moments of eye contact with some of the performers, which was really exhilarating.  If you can afford it, I would highly recommend getting as close to the stage as you can.

The highlight of my night was for sure The Metamorphosis.  If you’ve been following me for a while, it’s obvious that I stan for this act!  Just hearing the music played live and watching that body suit sparkle in real time was just stunning.  I had managed to keep my shit together the whole show, but I cried like a baby during The Metamorphosis.

I also have to give my regards to Alona Zhuravel.  She’s one of the only La Promises whose version of The Metamorphosis hasn’t shown up on YouTube, so it was my first time seeing her version all the way through. She was magnificent!  She doesn’t do as many crazy flexible tricks like past versions of the act, but she makes it up with strength and sex appeal.  She’s my favorite La Promise by far!


Flight of Icarus: I couldn’t leave this one out.  I’ve always been a fan of Mark Halasi and I’ve seen his version of this act before, but it’s been a little bit since I’ve watched it.  His experience on silks shines through in this and he brings an extra oomph to it that makes it extra exciting.  he’s also a super gracious performer.  I left a congratulatory comment on his fan page after I got home, and he responded promptly thanking me for the kind words, which was super cool!

Trapeze: I will admit, I’m not a huge fan of trapeze.  It bores me 90% of the time, so Keeran Mckeemen’s trapeze act was a breath of fresh air.  What impressed me the most is that it wasn’t a typical static trapeze act, which is what I was worried about when I first found out aerial hoop was replaced by trapeze.  The trapeze spun like a hoop and swung all over the stage, which was an interesting touch and made the act more thrilling for me.

Slippery Surface:  I’ve ignored this act for the most part when I’ve watched the DVD, but it stuck out to me this time for some reason.  I had a lot of fun watching it this time around and there were a lot more daring tricks than on the DVD.

The only disappointment I had was THERE WAS NO STRAPS!  They flew around a bit during the wedding scene, but that was all.  Does anyone know if the straps act was cut?  I swear I saw rehearsal videos of the straps act from a couple of weeks ago.  My boyfriend was really looking forward to the straps act, so he was disappointed.

Unfortunately, Varekai hasn’t been getting very good reviews in my area, but I don’t care because I loved it.  If I had the money to see it again, I would see it again today.  My boyfriend can’t stop thanking me for taking him, and I promised him I would get tickets to any Cirque du Soleil show that came through the area.  Varekai was everything I could have ever imagined and more, and I thank Cirque du Soleil for such an inspiring show that has continued to inspire me for almost a decade.

I’m seeing Varekai tomorrow and I still don’t know what I’m going to wear

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