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I know I haven’t been super active as of lately, and I’m so sorry about that!  I’ve been having to be a real adult lately, so I’ve been working a whole bunch of extra hours and haven’t had much time for working out.

BUT I COME BEARING GOOD NEWS!  A local theater in my area is doing a production of Disney’s Tarzan musical and put out a casting call for aerialists!  I went to the auditions last night, which consisted of a couple of hours of dancing.  The choreography has a whole lot of acro and contortion in it, which I’m sooo pumped for.  I got a call this morning and I made the show!  I’m so excited to be dancing me ass off and getting in the air again!  This will also be my first performance on silks as well :D

I’m so excited to share this next chapter in my circus journey with you guys!  I can’t wait for rehearsals to start!